English-Dutch Translator/Editor

Understanding complexity. 

Mastering simplicity.

A lot more goes into translating your text than meets the eye.

A cauliflower will always be a cauliflower (I think). But in our fast evolving world where new information, technology, innovation, solutions, and relationships are forever expanding culturally and globally, good translations are a real challenge. They require static and current general knowledge, familiarity with specific subjects, sensitive language skills, and awareness of nuances in one language, as well as informed and strategic choices about style, vocabulary, context, and the target audience, to recreate a message in one's native language. 

Modern translation aids like Machine Translation (MT) and Neural Machine Translation (NMT), usually based on Translation Memories (TM) and AI, can do a pretty good job translating run-of-the-mill content. But they can also produce texts rambling with crooked logic and riddled with false friends. That is where an experienced linguist comes in!
It's rarely in a single sentence, it's in grasping the whole. 

This is what I love doing and do for a living.
It's always based on understanding complexity and mastering simplicity as my goal.